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  • Ağrı GoTürkiye

    Located in the east of Türkiye, Ağrı opens the doors of a fabulous world to its visitors.



    Ağrı is a city that should be seen with its invaluable natural and historical beauties, especially İshak Pasha Palace, which carries its visitors to the fabulous world of the East, Ağrı Mountain, the second birthplace of humanity and the source of countless legends, where the Prophet Noah set foot, and the ruins of the Urartians, one of the oldest civilizations in history.



    The meteor pit is located in the district of Doğubayazıt, two km northeast of the Gürbulak Border Gate. It is the second largest meteor pit in the world. Formed as a result of a meteor that fell in 1892, the depth of the pit is 60 meters and the diameter thereof is 35 meters.



    Since Ağrı is a city with high altitude, animal husbandry is very developed in the city. In addition to livestock and bees raised in the highlands within the city boundaries, the endemic plant species in the region constitute the richness of the Ağrı Cuisine.



    Located in a volcanic area in Taşlıçay district, the lake is famous for its fresh water and trout. Fish Lake (Balık Gölü), which is 2,250 m above sea level and is the highest altitude lake in Türkiye, freezes completely in winter and becomes suitable for winter sports.



    These are two popular birdwatching areas located in the area between Doğubayazıt district and Ağrı Mountain. Meadow harrier, purple heron, heron, gray duck, ferruginous duck, crane, puck, red beak and redbeak come first among the bird species living in the region.



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    Doğubayazıt, which is the district where Gürbulak Border Gate is located, also contains the most important historical values of Ağrı. The district, where Ağrı Mountain and the Meteor Pit are located, is home to the four important tourism values of the region, İshak Paşa Palace, Doğubayazıt Castle (Urartu Castle), Old Bayazıt Mosque and Ahmed-i Hani Tomb.

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    After you land on the airport, you can start your trip by exploring the city center of Ağrı. You can take a stroll on Cumhuriyet Street and take the opportunity to get to know the people of Ağrı and the city.