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    in Ağrı

    First Day

    After you land on the airport, you can start your trip by exploring the city center of Ağrı. You can take a stroll on Cumhuriyet Street and take the opportunity to get to know the people of Ağrı and the city. For lunch, you should taste Ağrı’s famous döner. Before leaving the city, you can buy Ağrı Honey, known for its high rate of propolis, as a gift for yourself or your beloved ones. Do not forget to take photos with the view of Ulu Mosque in Ağrı city center. Hamur Tomb, 22 km from the city center, is also a historical monument worth to see.

    In the afternoon, go to Diyadin district on the Doğubayazıt road. Here, visit Diyadin Canyon and Meya Caves. The best place to stay, rest and gather energy for the next day’s tour to Ağrı Mountain and Doğubayazıt will be the Diyadin Thermal Springs, which also include state-of-the-art facilities.

    Second Day

    After breakfast, go to Doğubayazıt district as possible as early. Let the first stop of our journey be the Trail of Noah’s Ark, located near Telçeker Village. Here you can take pictures of Ağrı Mountain and Small Ağrı Mountain. In the meantime, you should not miss the opportunity to shop from freeshops at Gürbulak Border Gate, which is only two kilometers away. Meteor Pit at the same location is one of the must-see places.

    For lunch, you can prefer grill in cafés with a unique view, opposite to İshak Paşa Palace. After the lunch, İshak Paşa Palace, Ahmed-i Hani Tomb, Urartian Castle will be waiting for you. Stop by the carpet and rug looms on the way to İshak Paşa Palace. The best choice for dinner in Doğubayazıt is of course Abdigor Köftesi!