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    Fish Lake

    Located in a volcanic area in Taşlıçay district, the lake is famous for its fresh water and trout. Fish Lake (Balık Gölü), which is 2,250 m above sea level and is the highest altitude lake in Türkiye, freezes completely in winter and becomes suitable for winter sports. Beach and facilities are in the south part of the lake. Also, trekking can be done around the lake. 

    Diyadin Canyon

    The canyon, which is located in the west of Diyadin district center, reaches 50 meters in height. The canyon, through which the Murat River, one of the largest branches of the Euphrates River passes, is a natural beauty that everyone who visits Ağrı must see.

    Süphan Mountain

    It is possible to reach Süphan Mountain (Süphan Dağı), located in the north of Lake Van, from Patnos district of Ağrı. Süphan Mountain is the third highest mountain in Türkiye with an altitude of 4,058 meters and rises between Adilcevaz district of Bitlis and Patnos district of Ağrı.

    Aladağ Highlands

    Located in the south of Ağrı, Aladağ Highlands (Aladağ Sıradağları) cover a wide area from Hamur Valley to Tendürek Mountain. The people of the region, who are engaged in animal husbandry and beekeeping in the summer months, frequently visit Aladağ Highlands. The reason for this is that the highlands have abundant water resources and fertile lands that remain green all summer long.

    Sinek Highland

    It is the second largest highland of Ağrı. It is located in Taşlıçay district. It is a green highland frequently visited by shepherds and herds in summer. You must visit for clean air and unlimited oxygen!