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    Meteor Pit

    The meteor pit is located in the district of Doğubayazıt, two km northeast of the Gürbulak Border Gate. It is the second largest meteor pit in the world. Formed as a result of a meteor that fell in 1892, the depth of the pit is 60 meters and the diameter thereof is 35 meters. 

    Diyadin Thermal Springs

    Diyadin Thermal Springs (Diyadin Termal Kaplıcaları), also known as Köprü, Yılanlı and Davut thermal springs, which are five kilometers away from the district center, are very crowded in the summer months. The waters of Davut and Köprü thermal springs contain bicarbonate, calcium, sulfur, hydrogen, sulphate and carbon dioxide. It is known to be beneficial for skin diseases and rheumatic diseases related to infections. 

    Ice Cave

    Located three km northeast of Hallaç Village to the south of Small Ağrı Mountain, the cave is 100 meters long, 50 meters wide and eight meters deep. Containing ice sheets in all seasons and resembling a natural refrigerator, the cave is called an icebox by the locals. The sunlight filtering from the entrance of the cave, which is an uncommon rare natural monument, makes light illusions on the ice inside the cave. One of the most important features of the cave is that it is cold in the summer and hot in winter. 

    Carpet and Rug Weaving

    These are the most important handicraft in Ağrı. Works on the looms become more intense during the harsh and long winter months. The common name of the rug among locals is “yemeni”. Pillows, saddlebags, wool socks, mohair gloves that visitors of Ağrı can buy as souvenirs are also woven in addition to carpets and rugs. 


    Harmal is used to get protected from the evil eye in the region. It is made by placing harmal grains on threads and giving them geometric shapes. Since it is believed to protect the walls from the evil eye, harmals are handicraft products that reflect the cultural identity of Ağrı and that visitors can take with them as souvenirs.