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  • Ağrı GoTürkiye

    Located in the east of Turkey, Ağrı opens the doors of a fabulous world to its visitors. The city is the first route that mystery and excitement seekers should prefer due to various visiting points, especially the İshak Paşa Palace with its magnificence that comes to mind when the “East” is mentioned, as well as Ağrı Mountain, which is the subject of various legends where according to belief humanity has spread to the world again, as well as sacred texts.

    Named after Ağrı Mountain, the highest point in Europe, where the prophet Noah’s Ark is believed to have landed, the city is located at a point where the borders of four countries intersect, blending history, culture, belief and tolerance.

    Ağrı, where the world’s second largest meteor pit is located, will not only offer its visitors a visual feast, but will also leave unforgettable memories on the palate with its local flavors, especially meat dishes and white honey.

    The lands of Ağrı, which seem desolate today, are fertile lands that have been the homeland of many civilizations, especially the Urartians, Persians, Seljuks and Ottomans.